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Legacy is a free browser based multiplayer role-playing game that can be played from nearly any computer in the world. Play from your office, from school, from internet cafes or just from home. Interact with countless others around the world, level up and rise to power.

Features List
  •  Free to play with no advertisements or other annoyances.
  •  Great community and democratic player-run gangs.
  •  Level up, train abilities and become a level 80 avatar.
  •  Multiplayer team based warfare in a battle for gang territory.
  •  Hunt special NPC characters in the search for powerful items.
  •  Customize your character with a huge range of unlockable clothing.
  •  Form clans, trade items, try your luck in the casino and much more....

Equippables Database
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HOF Top 10's
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Crystal System
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Gang Mascot threads have been locked, leadership go reduce! - Scott
Zorg wants you to apply for guide... You dont want to upset Zorg do you? - Scott
Check your gang forums for new outfit suggestions for your gang - Scott
Main server is having a fit, monkeys are being whipped as we speak. - Scott
Zorg is getting Married - and not to the server?! - Scott